Programs, Resources, and Services

Nova Scotia Dept. of Seniors
This governmental site offers an overview of the Department of Seniors and provides a wealth of information concerning seniors' issues. Information includes up to date news on issues and new initiatives, and also offers useful publications.

Canada Benefits
This site provides a list of federal and provincial benefits that are available, subject to eligibility, to seniors in Nova Scotia.

RCMP Scams & Frauds and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
Telemarketing and internet fraud is an increasing problem amongst seniors. This site offers assistance and advice to older people targeted by fraud, including tips on how to avoid and stop fraud.

Caregivers Nova Scotia
This is a non-profit organization that provides information and support to more than 85,000 caregivers across the province. This association addresses the growing concerns that affect the health and well-being of caregivers.

Snow Removal
The City of Halifax supports the YMCA to provide a Snow Removal Program for Seniors. This program provides assistance to older persons or persons with disabilities. This program is to ensure safe access by the removal of snow from the sidewalk and walkway. Please call the YMCA at 902.483.3678 for additional information on this service.

Seniors' Health

Nova Scotia Department of Health
This website gives valuable information on Health resources within Nova Scotia. Their goal is to achieve health and well being for Nova Scotians and their communities.

Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia
An excellent site for anyone concerned about Alzheimer's. Provides information about care, research and programs to help Canadians affected by the disease.

Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
The purpose of this site is to develop, encourage and promote and active, healthy lifestyle for Canadian seniors that will enhance the dignity of the aging process.

Victoria Order of Nurses (VON)
This site gives general information regarding the VON organization. There is information specific to the Greater Halifax region found under the "Branch Locations" section, including a list of services and local contact information.

Heart and Stroke Foundation
This site that gives general information on heart and stroke conditions, including how to protect yourself, news updates, schedule of events and awareness quizzes.

Surfin' Seniors!

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
An excellent web site that provides comprehensive information and resources on a large variety of topics affecting older persons. This influential American organization offers membership to Canadians. Various publications and extensive services are available.

CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons)
This site is for seniors who want to find out more about issues that affect them. Offers general info, tips on health, retirement and more!

The Accessible Channel
A National, english language described basic HD Digital TV specialty service, news, entertainment, inclusion.