Vial of Life

Medical emergencies can happen and do happen to anyone, at any time.

The Vial of Life is a proven program of health promotion/prevention that provides vital medical information to first responders to an emergency in the home. This information is critical for police, paramedics, or other emergency personnel to learn the health and medical status of the patient when determining treatment on the scene or in hospital. The Vial of Life kit is of particular importance when the patient is elderly or frail and living alone; taking medications, and those with disabling or other chronic conditions.

The free Vial of Life kit contains various materials to inform and assist the individual to be prepared for an emergency by recording information on a medical form and exhibiting the Vial of Life logo/sign. The medical information sheet is put into an easy-open vial provided, and placed in a designated location familiar to the emergency staff members.

The Vial of Life is recognized and effective. Even being aware that you do not have any chronic medical conditions allows paramedics to eliminate unnecessary treatment and therefore result in saving valuable time.

Contact Chebucto Links for more information, or if you would like to receive a free kit, please contact our office.